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Goodbye JLS!

So, it’s happened. The boys are no more.

I know everyone is obviously going to be upset but now is a time to look back and celebrate all the things the boy’s have achieved in their career, that a ton of people never thought they would. They proved them all wrong and proved that dreams do come freaking true.

  “5 UK No.1s, 4 Top 3 Albums, 10m sales, 1.5m tickets, 5 Mobos, 2 Brits & now 1 final tour”

Personally, JLS have supplied me with some amazing memories. I was lucky enough to meet the boys twice, I’ve seen them perform many, many times and for that I’ll be forever grateful. They were literally the nicest guys I’ve ever met and there’s no doubt they love each and every one of their fans. I’m obviously really sad that they’ve split, but have seen it coming for a while now. I’m gonna focus on the positives, for example; we still have the boys until December! I’m seeing them twice this year and I literally can not wait for the Goodbye Tour. It’s gonna be amazing and I’m sure the boys will go out with some AMAZING BANG!

JLS have had the most amazing run and I’ll always be proud that I was a JLS fan and shared so many amazing achievements with so many amazing fans like you guys! Thanks for following this tumblr! :)


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1,000 notes? CRAZY! 

1,000 notes? CRAZY! 

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